Refocusing the rails

After making the decision to start up a hobby during the UK lockdown, posts about it appeared on my Footfalls blog. It went too fast, started out at the wrong place and that was my fault. At first I was going to dump everything, but rather than totally waste the money, I refocused and am beginning from a different perspective.

Some things remain. I will not touch anything made by Peco, unless there is no other way. I have a few of their items left and will cannibalize them as fits the need. All new models will be based on HOn3 size with any wheelsets regauged to HOn30. My track may be Code 70, of which I have more than enough and will handlay it all.

The layout will be widened to 17 inches and lengthened to a full 9 feet, which is the first thing to be done. Then I will see how much track I can lay until the spikes I've ordered get into the country.
A Class A Climax Locomotive
From Washington State Archives
John T. Labbe Collection

I have three motorized chassis for locomotives. Two run beautifully (one from Japan the other from Europe), the other is sort of okay. Also I now refuse to buy any motorized units from an English dealer, every single one, without fail, has turned out to be rubbish.

The starting point

First the layout base gets the treatment. Then a loco, which is about one quarter built, will be finished. The track will follow and as I wait for some spikes to arrive, I can build some rolling stock.

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