I have liked model railroading since my early years. Many years ago I discovered narrow gauge and put together a layout. I used HO gauge track as 3 feet between the rails and built a number of models based on Colorado narrow gauge, today people call it 55n3.
The only image left is on the 55n3 site, I got rid of all my photographs some time ago.

I moved up to 1/4 inch On30 and stopped the hobby some time back. My creative juices ran in another direction and I became a graphic designer and web developer. There even used to be a website for L'il Lines but I closed it down and left the domain expire.

Today with the world in lockdown and now a travel writer, I found myself needing something to do so began an HOn30 layout. For me this is a soft caricature, semi-kinetic art thing. I don't have as much room, because the layout is on one side of my design studio, so I have 9 feet by 17 inches to mess around on.

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Normally I run a travel blog, but when I'm not on the road I do other stuff to keep from getting bored.
- Ted

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